Rule of Thirds

It has come to my attention that I have not put placed anything about photography lately.

Sorry, been too busy ranting about current subjects. 

Ok, shut the f*** up James, I’ll post something.

So, lets start off with a little bit of basic photography, Rule of Thirds.

For those of you that don’t know what the Rule of Thirds is.  Well, you’re in for a big surprise, which will increase your photography skills dramatically.

What is it?  Well, basically put, it’s a a rule of thumb that is used in the composition used in visual arts, such as Painting, Photography, and Design.

Dividing a picture into nine sections, like a grid, you’ll get the rule of thirds base.


Generally, this is an imaginary grid, but on some cameras, it is an option in the viewfinder.  I don’t know about Canon or Sony or any other inferior camera body.  (Just kidding, no not really… :-))

On Nikon DSLR cameras, it’s referred to as a ‘grid’.  You can find that in your set up options, probably under display.  Some of the point and shoot Nikons have it for the LiveView as well.

This grid will help you in dividing the picture view, as well help you level out your picture.


In the image above, you’ll see a picture of a boat.  Yeah, it’s just a boat, on water…  Doesn’t tell you much does it.  Plus, you can see the island in the background, it isn’t level.  So, this doesn’t look that great.


Lets re-take that picture.  Ok.   A bit better, you can now tell that the water is calm and it’s a good day to probably take a ride out on the water.  There’s more water, so you know you can go further on that ride too.  The sky is slightly cloudy, but at least you can see the sky and notice that it’s a decent day to go out for that boat ride.  But there’s still something wrong.  Wow, look at that horizon, it’s really out of whack now.  The angle certainly sticks out like a sore thumb.

Let’s try this again.


Oh wow!  Definitely much better.  The earth doesn’t look like everything is slide right off to the left now.  You can see the sky and the wide open waters.

Here’s the shot with a grid on top of it for your comparison.


2010-08-03_19-12-28-3 third


2010-08-03_19-12-28-2 - Copy third 

Better, isn’t it? 

Now, go out there and take some photos!


3D Glasses and People Who Wear Glasses

I have realized something last night when I put in a 3D version of Journey to the Center of the Earth, with Brendan Fraser. Yeah, I know, it wasn’t the best movie he’s made…  but it was there and I enjoyed looking at Anita Briem.


3D movies at home and at theatres aren’t made for people like me, who wear glasses.

The problem isn’t with the movies itself, but at the theatres, they had you these paper/plastic glasses, either with coloured gels or a type of polarized plastic that makes the movie 3D.

When I went to see Avatar in 3D, I had to wear these glasses over my regular seeing glasses.  I had too, in order to see the movie.  This is very uncomfortable, not to mention, it takes a lot of adjusting, in order to wear them properly to see the movie.  Also, the constant, re-adjustment of them, well, you probably won’t notice in the dark, but later you may, I don’t care what they say, those plastic lens may scratch up you own glasses lenses.  You paid hundreds of dollars for your glasses, are you going to risk scratching up your lenses with these RealD3D glasses?

Why can’t they make the frames bigger for those that do wear glasses.  Especially, since I wear a wide frame (Oakley Chop Top 6.0).

I guess there is a work around, that you can wear contacts, but you’d just can’t buy one pair of contacts just to go to the movies.  Sure you can buy a year’s supply of disposables and only wear them to the movies, but that’s not really financially feasible to most of us.  A year’s supply of Acuvue Oasis contacts (and this is without astigmatism correction), cost me about $350 CDN and they do have an expiry date on them.  It’s a couple of years, but how often do you see a 3D movie in order to justify it.

Most people have said on some forums that I read, that they don’t have problems and that the 3D glasses are designed to fit over top.  I say, some yes, the Real3D glasses did fit over, but they weren’t all that comfortable.  I have had to adjust them a few times during the entire play of Avatar.  However, some didn’t mention it, but the glasses they did mention, were small enough frames to fit comfortably over top.

So, what’s a near sighted person to do?  Don’t fret, I’ve found a place, with the help of the ever powerful INTERNET.  You can order clip on’s.  Yep, clip on’s.  Yeah, you may look like a doofus, but you’ll be able to see the movie and let’s face it.  People in ‘dark’ theatres don’t care.  They won’t be looking at you.

The Rainbow Symphony Store carries three types of clip on’s: Polarized (circular and linear), Red & Blue and Magenta and Green.  You’ll want to check, somehow, on which one your local venue is using.  Now, I’m not plugging for them (unless they send me some free 3D clip on’s and glasses), I’m just giving you an alternative to having put in contacts or wearing 3D Glasses over your regular glasses.  You can find another place online probably, but this is the first one that popped up.

Having said this, these will not work on your new Sony 3D home theatre system.  Those have been designed with a special kind of glasses.  These glasses use a shutter mechanism (yes, they run on a battery that you have to replace) and they will only work on the Sony plasma television.  They will not work on the Samsung system or vice versa.  I haven’t researched how these work, but they seem to only work on flat screens at the 240hz range.  NVidia has come out with a system that will work with you home computer system, but you need the Samsung monitor that runs at 240hz.

These glasses are NOT cheap.  The Samsung ones will run you at least $250 a pair.  The Sony’s will run about $150 a pair.  By the way, you will need a 3D enhanced system with 3D enhanced Blu-Ray player.

I have been to FutureShop where a co-worker of mine got a job with Sony and was showing off the new 3D tv’s.  Yep… as I thought, they won’t fit over my regular glasses.  So, either contacts or the system is totally useless to me.

That’s it for my rant this time.  Check back later has I will be blogging about my day at the Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville, ON (July 30th and July 31st weekend).