LPC (Lamp Post Caches)

Is it just me or does anyone else hate these LPC hides?

There’s a number of names for these caches, Lamp Post Cache, Skirt Lifters, Drive-By Caches, etc.


Drive by skirt lifters.

I mean, yeah, they’re there for you just to go and grab up and increase your numbers.

But there’s not imagination to it.  As Steve (Model12) would say, these people are just out there placing a cache, just for the sake of placing a cache.

Notably, they are usually hidden in parking lots of shopping malls.  I’m pretty sure that these people did not place them with permission from the property owners.  Well, it’s public property, you might say.  Just because it’s a shopping mall, doesn’t make it public property.  Legally speaking, a shopping mall is deemed private property, with an invitation extended to you, as long as you have the potential of doing business on the property.

When Gord (KeeperofMaps) and I were looking for a quick cache to do that neither of us had done.  We look at our GPS and then the watch (I forget what I had to do, but had to be back home for a certain time), and saw that there was one not too far away from my home coordinates. GC1FRVV Diamond in the Rough.

We both agreed, after find this cache, that it was a bit dangerous.  Since when I went to retrieve the cache, I was feeling around the base of this post and was able to feel electrical wires.  Also, when I pulled it out, it was a little metal container, great, something else to conduct electricity.  The cache container, was little baggy, were in no way water proof.

There were plenty of trees behind this post, they could’ve hidden a film canister in a tree (AMIAT, Another Micro in a Tree), and that would’ve been ten times better.

Also, let’s not hide these things on private property, they tend to draw a lot of attention, especially when the skirts of those posts squeak when you raise and lower them.

Not too long ago, a skirt lifter was placed on the pedestrian bridge above a major city road and to a major bus station.  The noise had probably alerted the nearby nosy neighbour that thought they were doing their civic duty and calling in something suspicious.

Long story short, the bomb squad was called out and they eventually had to neutralize the ‘package’ with a high pressure water gun.

My thought’s on this, please take the time to think about what kind of cache you are putting out there.  Will it potentially get the notice of too many on-lookers and/or draw the attention of the local constabulary?  Please don’t put a cache out, just for the sake of putting a cache out.  Put some thought into it.  The finder’s will appreciate a well set up cache.

Skirtlifter_thumb1[1]Yeah, this cache would probably get questions.

BTW, there are requirements and guidelines on placing a cache, please go and read them.