Honda Canada Has Failed Me

Hey Folks,

Another rant… Honda Canada and Honda Canada Finance has failed me.

Yes, I still believe in Honda products. However, the financial side of it has failed me.

I will start at the beginning… Back on March 9th, 2015, I lost my job.

However, needless to say, it was a blow to my financial situation.

Now, when I leased my 2015 Honda Accord Sport, I was given the option of the Walkaway program.

The Walkaway program pays for 4 months of payments to Honda Canada Finance for my lease. Therefore, I still get to keep my car.

Recently, Walkaway sent a cheque for two months worth of payments to Honda Canada Finance, which they admit to receiving. However, they ‘claim’ that they didn’t know what to do with it, so they just added it to the principle of my lease, instead of adding it as payments to the account.

This in turn, didn’t stop Honda Canada Finance from continuing to deduct money from my bank account.

After contacting Honda Canada Finance, months ago, I was told that if this was the case, the money would be refunded to me. But, in this recent case, they said that they would not refund any money to me as the payment had already be deducted, but the cheque that was received would be added as future payments.

I am positively sure that Walkaway sent a letter along with the cheque, instructing them that the cheque was to cover for 2 months worth of payments.

However, the telephone agent at Honda Canada Finance denies this as all the information that would have been sent was entered into the system that they use to track payment items.

I have felt that the way it was explained to me, has been made my fault.

I don’t get how they wouldn’t know what to do with it, they deal with these financial insurance companies all the time. But the agent only responded that it is the dealership that offers the program and that Honda Canada Finance is not responsible for this. I therefore feel that it has been indirectly falls upon the customer to make sure that everything was in order.

You know, maybe I might agree with that. However, I have had a lot on my mind. Losing my job, contacting all the financial insurance companies so that I don’t go into debt, the passing my my mother, setting up her wake and funeral, along with taking care of her estate and trying to find another job. My mind has been a wreck!

So, because of this extra amount that was deducted from my account, I didn’t have enough in the account, because I wasn’t expecting it, to clear a payment for another utility bill, which defaulted and I obviously get charged the NSF fee for it.

To top it all off, I had brought my car into one of their dealerships near my home for an oil change and brake inspection maintenance. Only to find that the passenger front tire’s brake calliper wasn’t installed correctly and it seized onto the brake disc. This caused friction and the disc to burn and warp. After bringing it back to the dealership, they told me what had happened and that they fixed it. They also told me that they would order a new set of front discs and pads to replaced the damaged brake disc. As well, my next oil change would be on the house for my troubles.

It just seems like I have had a lot of troubles with Honda lately, as a company, and I am truly upset with them.

Especially with the fact that my unemployment situation has been made more difficult with them not owning up to their mistakes. If I received a LARGE cheque from an insurance company for a certain account and not sure what to do with it, I would certainly call that insurance company and find out was it was for. Not just willy nilly apply it somewhere and make the customer pay for it, either financially or mentally.

Nobody affiliated with Honda Canada, be it the financial side, dealership or management are willing to WORK to make the customer’s life more easier, especially when they are going through a rough patch in life.

“Oh, your mother died and you lost your job, sorry, but too bad… Keep your payments going or we’ll find you in default.” That is all I feeling I get from them, of course, I’m paraphrasing…


Apple Watch, My take on it!

Hey folks,

I’m a little perturbed today. A little over two weeks ago, I purchased an Apple Watch Sport. It’s been great and all, right up until I went to re-certify my Advance Medical First Responder certificate for the year. This is the first time in my history of owning an Apple product that I have been disappointed by the support.

Not really because they didn’t have a solution, but because of the way it was handled by a Senior Support Agent.

Here is my problem and I suspect that this is a problem that most nurses, doctors, paramedics and emergency responders have with the Apple watch.

When assessing a patient’s pulse and respiration, we are looking for a couple of things; rate and quality.

Other than how many times the patient’s pulse/respiration are, we need to know if the pulse is thready, rapid, regular or irregular. Respirations, deep, shallow, rapid, laboured, etc.

When assessing for this, most of use, require a minimum of 30 seconds to check the pulse and another 30 seconds after to check the respiration. Notice that whenever a doctor/nurse/paramedic is taking a full minute to check your pulse? Their not, after the first 30 seconds, they are checking your respiration, but still holding your wrist to make you think they are still checking your pulse. Why? Because, if we tell you that we are checking your respiration, you might try to control it and we wouldn’t be able to get a proper reading.

Back to the problem with the Apple Watch. Well, when you raise your wrist, it only stays on for 5 seconds. When you tap, roll or push the crown, it will stay on for 20 seconds.

A little annoying when your hand is already taking that pulse, right?

Most of you might think that 20 seconds should be enough. Let me tell you this, in an emergency situation, it’s MUCH easier to multiply by 2, than it is by 3. But in this case, you still need to tap or push something in order to get that 20 seconds.

So, I chatted up Apple Support. The first person, I spoke to was understanding as to what I need, but had to give the case over to a Senior Advisor who wanted to confirm with me that I wanted “to use the Apple Watch as a Medical Assistive device”.

Wait! What!? No, I want the Watch to stay on longer!

He then proceeded to tell me to post something in the Feedback portion of their site and ‘hopefully’ it will be included in the next Watch OS update.


Then he proceeded to give me the boiler plate explanation that the Apple Watch was not designed to be a medical assistive product as explained in the Safety and Regulatory portion of the owner’s manual:

Almost as if he was throwing it in my face….

Dammit, I hate it when people do that to me!

Sure, I agree with it, however, people don’t generally read this BEFORE their purchase, as it’s in the owner’s manual, you have to BUY it then read it!

He then told me that Apple has always been cautious about entering the Medical field as to providing medical equipment.

Medical Equipment?!? It a watch! And we just want it to stay on longer!!!

However, that being said, I have found a sort of work around:

Use your hand that has the Apple Watch on the arm, to assess the pulse and every few seconds, use your free hand to tap the screen to keep it on longer.


New Camera

I bought a new camera!

I really didn’t want to, but I thought I would treat myself.

While editing some photos from a recent wedding, I noticed that some of the pictures that I took, the right half of the picture was out of focus while the left side was sharp.

After taking my camera into Henry’s to see my friend Mark, we found that it was my 28-70mm f2.8 lens. We put it into repair.

Then I started looking at a full size Nikon camera. After looking for a while, I found the Nikon D750. Only that there was a few other reason why I wanted it, the best reason was it was an affordable full sized FX sensor camera. I won’t into the details of the tech specs, but needless to say a 24 megapixel sensor, 6.5 frames per second and HD video to boot.

D750 24 120 front34l

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Well, the good news, I’ve passed the Restricted Possession Acquisition License Safety Course.

In Canada, before anyone can obtain a handgun, they must obtain an RPAL, but before they can get that, they must pass the safety course for restricted weapons. The pass mark for this course is 80%.

Now, I have to wait for the course report to return to me, before I can send in the application to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. There’s a 28 day mandatory waiting period and they ‘will’ call all your references and call you for an interview. Then if everything goes well, I should have it in a couple of months.

During this time, I have been doing some pre-shopping for a handgun.

I have decided on a 9mm for the fact that the ammunition is cheaper than .40 caliber; and the same for a .22lr handgun as well.

The first I have chosen is a Smith & Wesson M&P22; I choose this as it has had a tonne of good reviews.

MP22 122000 L 1024x686

and the Smith & Wesson SD9 VE; this gun was based off the Glock by Smith & Wesson. If the S&W Sigma and the M&P got together and had a baby, this would be the result. It takes the great parts of both guns and mixed it into this one. As well, the pricing was the best with a tonne of good reviews.

223900 01 lg


World’s Suckiest .22LR Ammunition!

Hi Folks,

I got another RANT for ya.

This time it’s about some ammunition that I bought.

Now, to start, I’m shooting this through an ISSC MK22 FN SCAR.

Shooting my ISSC MK22

I’ve only bought two brands of .22LR ammunition for this, as I’ve only had the rifle for about 3 weeks now.

I purchased a box of 500 rounds of Winchester Wildcat22 .22LR
– 40 grain, 1255 FPS

Sorry, no picture, as I never thought I would need to take one.

One small box of 100 rounds of CCI Mini Mag .22LR
– 40 grain, 1235 FPS

CCI Mini Mag

And three boxes of 222 rounds of Winchester Hollowpoint .22LR
– 36 grain, 1280 FPS

Winchester 222
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Ottawa Archers 3D Tournament

On May 4th, I had a chance to join the Spring 3D tournament that was hosted by Ottawa Archers.

As this was my first 3D Archery Tournament, I didn’t know where I was supposed to go or what to do.

When I arrived at 8:15AM, I thought I was going to be late.  As it was raining that morning and it turned out that I was the first one there.  Well, other than the support people.

After I signed in, they told me that I’d be shooting in the Open category and I’d be shooting from the orange pins.  I had know idea at the time and just went along with it.

I waited until a few others signed in and we were off.  They told me the ins and outs of a 3D Tournament.  And mid way through, they questioned why I was shooting in the Open category.  I told them that was told to.

DSC 9893

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Investigation in Gananoque

This past Saturday, I had to the pleasure again to join the Bytown Paranormal team in investigating a dance school in Gananoque.  It’s also a former church.

The team had already been there several times before and had gotten some evidence of a possible ghost.

There has been a report of possibly a child ghost.

DSC 9909

Unfortunately, I can’t let you guys know what we got until we tell the client first.


Ottawa Comic Con 2014

Well, I was able to make it to this year’s Comic Con in Ottawa, Ontario.

A friend and I had planned on going on Saturday and he was even kind enough to wait in line with me, even though he had a Deluxe Pass, which allowed him to have a 1 hour earlier entry.  I had only planned on just the one day.  The problem was that I had prior commitments that required me to leave a lot earlier than I had expected.  I ended up paying $50 for the first day and $35 for the next day. In total, $85 for the two days.  The Deluxe pass was $75 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which also included early entry.  Unfortunately, they don’t allow exchanges or refunds.  Next time, I’ll have to just buy the Deluxe three day pass.

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Pop Expo

Hi folks,

Today, I went to Ottawa Pop Expo.  Think of it as a smaller version of Ottawa Comic Con or a winter version of it.  This is the first time that we have had one in Ottawa and the turn out seemed to be quite good.  Not as good as the first Ottawa Comic Con, but it looks like it definitely has it’s place in Ottawa.

Notable Celebrities, imho, that were there:

Norman Reedus, Darryl Dixon from AMC‘s the Walking Dead.  Guest of Honour.

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The key to shooting a bow and arrow and group your arrows within an acceptable area, is consistency.

It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s best sight on the market, if you can’t shoot consistently, it won’t matter.

The key to consistency is, practice.

One of the things that you will have to get used to is anchoring.

Anchoring is putting a part of your hand to a point on or near your face.

I can’t tell you how to anchor your draw, but I can tell you how I anchor my draw.

I draw back and I always have the second knuckle of my pointing finger a anchored on the corner of my mandible.

1002949 10151713680050446 1485621510 n

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