New Camera

I bought a new camera!

I really didn’t want to, but I thought I would treat myself.

While editing some photos from a recent wedding, I noticed that some of the pictures that I took, the right half of the picture was out of focus while the left side was sharp.

After taking my camera into Henry’s to see my friend Mark, we found that it was my 28-70mm f2.8 lens. We put it into repair.

Then I started looking at a full size Nikon camera. After looking for a while, I found the Nikon D750. Only that there was a few other reason why I wanted it, the best reason was it was an affordable full sized FX sensor camera. I won’t into the details of the tech specs, but needless to say a 24 megapixel sensor, 6.5 frames per second and HD video to boot.

D750 24 120 front34l

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Well, the good news, I’ve passed the Restricted Possession Acquisition License Safety Course.

In Canada, before anyone can obtain a handgun, they must obtain an RPAL, but before they can get that, they must pass the safety course for restricted weapons. The pass mark for this course is 80%.

Now, I have to wait for the course report to return to me, before I can send in the application to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. There’s a 28 day mandatory waiting period and they ‘will’ call all your references and call you for an interview. Then if everything goes well, I should have it in a couple of months.

During this time, I have been doing some pre-shopping for a handgun.

I have decided on a 9mm for the fact that the ammunition is cheaper than .40 caliber; and the same for a .22lr handgun as well.

The first I have chosen is a Smith & Wesson M&P22; I choose this as it has had a tonne of good reviews.

MP22 122000 L 1024x686

and the Smith & Wesson SD9 VE; this gun was based off the Glock by Smith & Wesson. If the S&W Sigma and the M&P got together and had a baby, this would be the result. It takes the great parts of both guns and mixed it into this one. As well, the pricing was the best with a tonne of good reviews.

223900 01 lg