World’s Suckiest .22LR Ammunition!

Hi Folks,

I got another RANT for ya.

This time it’s about some ammunition that I bought.

Now, to start, I’m shooting this through an ISSC MK22 FN SCAR.

Shooting my ISSC MK22

I’ve only bought two brands of .22LR ammunition for this, as I’ve only had the rifle for about 3 weeks now.

I purchased a box of 500 rounds of Winchester Wildcat22 .22LR
– 40 grain, 1255 FPS

Sorry, no picture, as I never thought I would need to take one.

One small box of 100 rounds of CCI Mini Mag .22LR
– 40 grain, 1235 FPS

CCI Mini Mag

And three boxes of 222 rounds of Winchester Hollowpoint .22LR
– 36 grain, 1280 FPS

Winchester 222
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