Ottawa Archers 3D Tournament

On May 4th, I had a chance to join the Spring 3D tournament that was hosted by Ottawa Archers.

As this was my first 3D Archery Tournament, I didn’t know where I was supposed to go or what to do.

When I arrived at 8:15AM, I thought I was going to be late.  As it was raining that morning and it turned out that I was the first one there.  Well, other than the support people.

After I signed in, they told me that I’d be shooting in the Open category and I’d be shooting from the orange pins.  I had know idea at the time and just went along with it.

I waited until a few others signed in and we were off.  They told me the ins and outs of a 3D Tournament.  And mid way through, they questioned why I was shooting in the Open category.  I told them that was told to.

DSC 9893

After shooting with these guys a bit, we started having a really good time.  To repeat a saying that came up often “Don’t come out here to win, cause if you do, you’ll be sorely disappointed.”  Meaning that the goal was to have fun.

After we completed our first round of 20 targets, I was speaking to another staff member, who told me that I was shooting in the wrong  category.  I told him that I really didn’t care as it teaches me the different ranges that I’d be hunting at.

Apparently, the Open Category is for anyone that has an adjustment sight on their bow.  I should have been in the Hunter category, because my sight pins are fixed and we’re not supposed to touch our sights until after the competition.

After everything said and done, I lost the use of two arrows.  One arrow hit the deer’s legs, which it hit a support steel pin and the tip of the arrow was caved it.  The other was a narrow shot between two tress, which I missed and hit one tree.  The arrow exploded.

I got a score of 220 out of a possible 440.  Which I am told was really good for my first 3D tournament.

A little tip I learned, if the target is about 3 yards away, you’ll need to sight it in at about 40-45 yards.



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