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Hi folks,

Today, I went to Ottawa Pop Expo.  Think of it as a smaller version of Ottawa Comic Con or a winter version of it.  This is the first time that we have had one in Ottawa and the turn out seemed to be quite good.  Not as good as the first Ottawa Comic Con, but it looks like it definitely has it’s place in Ottawa.

Notable Celebrities, imho, that were there:

Norman Reedus, Darryl Dixon from AMC‘s the Walking Dead.  Guest of Honour.

Sarah Wayne Callies, Lori Grimes from the Walking Dead.

Lew Temple, Axel from the Walking Dead.

Scott Wilson, Hershel Greene from the Walking Dead.

Tom Felton, Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter.  Guest of Honour.

Sylvester McCoy, the 7th Doctor from Doctor Who and the Radagast the Brown Wizard from the Hobbit: An Expected Journey

Ernie Hudson, Winston from Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II.

Jason Momoa, Ronon Dex from Stargate: Atlantis, Khal Drogo from Games of Thrones and Conan (2011)

Notable Cosplayer, again ihmo, Yaya Han.

I’ve never really followed Cosplayers before, mostly for the fact of, why would I follow someone who dresses up like other characters. After meeting her and speaking to her for a bit, I found myself really interested and found that her costume designs and photos are really great.  I will be keeping a close following on her.  Oh yeah, she’s also tres hot!

There were other celebrities there, but not notable in my humble opinion.

Early ticket fees to Pop Expo were $25 (VIP $75) per day or you could buy a all weekend pass for $40 (VIP $125).  VIP pricing gets her 1 hour earlier entry into Pop Expo, front of the line, line up for Celebritity Photo Ops and Autographs.  As well as reserved seating at Q&A’s.

I seriously wanted to go to this as I missed last ComicCon in May, as I had to attend my wife’s cousin’s wedding.  I missed Jewel Staite for this wedding.

Autographs ranged from $25 to $60.  Photo Ops, ranged from $40 to $150.  Depending on the celebrity and whether or not it was a cast shot (Walking Dead).

I waited in line for about an hour for Norman Reedus’s autograph.  Although, I didn’t want it.  A female employee of mine really wanted to meet him, but couldn’t justify the expenses.  I felt like being nice and got it for her.

About 30 minutes of actual waiting for Jason Momoa, when I got there, I think he was in the middle of lunch as he had just taken a big bite of what looked like a steak sandwich.  They called me up, I told him to chew slowly as I didn’t feel like doing first aid on a celebrity.

There were over 300 vendors at this convention, I made a few purchases.  I was going to buy a couple of t-shirts, until the person told me of an unadvertised price, because of my size (an extra $5 because they were both XXL).  Really?  I didn’t see that on any signs stating this extra cost for larger sizes.  I told him to forget it.

I spoke with other vendors, one of the told me a story of how it was after closing on the first night, they wanted to just say “Hello” to Tom Felton.  But I’m told that they were physically pushed back by Tom Felton’s manager and was told that they had to pay in order to speak to him.  Really?  You want people to pay just to say “Hello, I’m a big fan and I like the work that you did with that character..”?

F U!  Is what I gotta say then.  If you can’t take time to ‘just’ speak to your fans, then say so…  but you can’t charge them for it…  Some celebrities are starting to get a big head… too big if they can’t say a short hello to some of the people that helped put them where they are, without charging them.

While I’m on that subject, I’m sure everyone can understand that celebrities are tired of flash photography.  Imagine sitting there all day and having flashes pop off in your face all the time.  That’ll get annoying.  Pop Expo had signs up asking for ‘No Flash Photography’.  I can understand that.

I had my flash disabled, but most DSLR cameras have what is called a AF Illuminator.  Which is a small white light that is projected so that the camera’s autofocus as something focus in on.  I was told ‘rudely’ no flash photography.  Perplexed, I told, would be security guy that my flash was disabled.  He said that he saw a light from my camera, I told him it’s the AF assist light, he rudely told me “then switch to manual, we’re very specific on no lights.”  Umm.. no, you were specific on ‘No flash photography’.  Buddy, next time ask me if I could just turn that off…  We are after all paying customers…

Another point that I want to talk about, the no pictures at all policy.  Some of the celebrities have asked not to have their photos taken without a photo op purchase…  Really?!  You’re in a public outing and are a celebrity at a function.   You have to expect some of this.  Seriously, do they really want that more money that badly?

Norman Reedus and Yaya Han, had no problems with having photos with fans.  They were more than happy to do it.

I also witnessed Norman Reedus, signing the back of a fans costume without charge as well….

Enough of the rant, didn’t do much else, walked around, listened to Jason Momoa’s Q&A session, checked out some vendors and bought some stuff.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to interest any of my friends to come out, but I bumped into another one of my wife’s cousins, a friend that was the 501st Legion and bumped into an acquaintance.

The Doctor Who Society of Canada was there as well with Daleks, the TARDIS and K-9.





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