Hoyt Carbon Spyder

Well…. that didn’t take long….

Hoyt has announced a replacement to their popular top of the line bow, the Carbon Element, and is replacing it with the Carbon Spyder.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to write a review on this bow, as it is WAY out of my price range.  Bare bow, I have seen it listed at over $1600 USD.  If anyone else finds a better price, please us know.

The Carbon Spyder is feature in several formats:

Carbon Spyder 30

30” Axle to Axle, 332 FPS, 6 3/4” Brace Height, 3.6 LBS mass weight

Carbon Spyder 34

34” Axle to Axle, 330 FPS, 6 3/4” Brace Height, 3.8 LBS mass weight

Carbon Spyder Long Draw

34 1/2” Axle to Axle, 340 FPS, 7 1/2” Brace Height, 4.0 LBS mass weight

and the Carbon Spyder Turbo

33” Axle to Axle, 340 FPS, 6” Brace Height, 3.8 LBS mass weight


A compact, lightweight, speed bow is what this is!

As a comparison, I shoot a Hoyt Maxxis 31

30” Axle to Axle, 323 FPS, 7” Brace Height and 3.9 LBS mass weight.

Of course these technical specifications are very similar, but the Carbon Spyder employs the new Z5 cams while my Maxxiss has the Z3 cams.  What does this mean?  It means a smoother draw and 5% (75% for the Maxxis, 80% for the Carbon Spyder) better let off.

Both my Maxxis 31 and the Carbon Spyder use the same XTS Pro Arc limbs.

The parallels limbs reduce the amount of shock when released, the limbs move outwards instead of forwards.

Of course, there’s the usual that was added to most Hoyt bows in 2013, Airshox, ProLock pockets, in-line roller cable guard, stealth shot, string dampener, silent shelf (a piece of rubber added to the shelf to lessen the sound of an arrow bouncing of it.)

A new added feature to the Carbon Spyder is the Shock-Rod, which is placed on the riser to give more dampening of vibration to the bow.

Well, I guess I gotta save the pennies… Hoyt isn’t just gonna give me one…<sigh>


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