Shooting 50 yards

Looks like my schedule at work is a little up in the air, so my days off are kinda screwy.

I had last Wednesday off, so my friend James and I decided to go to the range.  Once we got to the range, we shot off a few rounds of arrows.

After about 10 minutes, James comes of with the idea of going to the family cottage so that we can shoot longer distances.  Let’s face it, 20 yards is fine, but the chances of a deer or other animal coming to the 20 yard mark is slim.  We needed to sight in our 30-50 yard pins on our bows.

For me that would be hard as I have the ‘used-to-be’ new Trophy Ridge React Sight. They just brought out the React-One sight. <grumble>

All I have to do is sight in my 20 yard pin, and sight in just one more pin and all the rest should be mathematically set.

The cottage was only about an hour drive from That Hunting and Fishing Store.

Well, we packed up my car with our bows and headed off to the Home Hardware (which was 5 minutes from That Hunting and Fishing Store) to pick up a measuring tape.

When we got to the store, James just remembered that he left the keys to the cottage in his car.  So we turned around after buying the measuring tape to go back to his car.  Once there, the keys were no where to be found.

He called his wife, apparently she had them in her purse.  About 30 minutes back in Ottawa.  We went to pick up the keys and headed out to the cottage.

This one hour trip turned out to be almost two and a half.  :-S

Oh well, we didn’t have anything to do that day.

Once there, we set everything up.  Measuring out the 20, 30, 40 and 50 yard marks.  We would have measured out a 60, but it would’ve placed us on the other side of a hill and wouldn’t be about to see the target.  🙂

20 and 30 yards were okay, the 40 and 50 yard was more challenging that I thought.  It was like shooting at something that was 1/4 the size of a postage stamp.

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My React sight didn’t let me down after sighting in the 20 and one more pin.  Mind you, I buried a couple of arrows in the grounds before making it perfect.

After a while we decided just to have some fun, it was getting dark out, so we tried out the new Carbon Express Launchpad lighted nocks that I had gotten off ebay.

I like these a lot better than any other light nocks that I have tried!

Until next time folks, keep it in the 10!


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