Release Me!

Release aids have been become more popular in the last few of years.

When I first started, there were very few people that wanted to shoot with a release.  Everyone was still doing the finger release.

There is a downside to finger releasing.  Some actually think that if they don’t do it right, you could roll the string, which could affect the flight of the arrow.  Also, that you could build up more fatigue while drawing back multiple times on a bow string.

What is a release aid?

It’s a mechanical device that is used to consistently draw back an bow string and let off with minimal string interruption.

This is common with people shooting a compound bow, recurve bow archers will use a three fingered glove or a tab.

There is currently two type of release aids out there:

Calliper/Wrist Release and Finger/Handheld Release

Which one is the best for you?

You have to first take a look at what you are doing? Bowhunting, 3D archery, target, or tournament.  Once you know this, you’ll probably know which type that you’ll want to use.

Calliper/Wrist Release

RedHeadXPSCaliperBowRelease 2012

– popular with hunters

– wrapped around your wrist

– look for one that has a 360 degree turn in the mechanical release

– trigger tension?

– can the release portion be tucked away

– can’t be lost, always on your wrist


Finger/Handheld Release

TRUBallBossXRelease 2012

– 3D archers, target and competition/tournament shooters.  However hunters also find them worth while as it isn’t wrapped around their wrist.

– availabe in 3 or 4 finger,

– uses the thumb or pinky

– audible click when attaching to the D loop

– lightweight and can be place in pocket

– left on the bowstring D loop

– could be easily lost

– available with back tension, for those that tend to suddenly push the trigger. however it takes more time to learn this style.

There is also a third type, but I didn’t mention it earlier before as I don’t think it is any good for those that are starting out or bowhunting.  They are called automatic/hydraulic releases.

The premise behind these releases is that they employe a ‘surprise’ release, releasing the arrow at a predetermined time after draw back.

Personally, I don’t like that I have to wait for the release to release, if I want to release the arrow, I will.


I personally use a TruFire 3D Hunter, 4 finger.  I have attached a lanyard on it, so that I wouldn’t drop in the woods and therefore be S.O.L. without a release.


It allows for a full 360° rotation, therefore not twisting the bow string.

I plan on upgraded to a TruFure Hardcore, it’s easier to clip the release onto a D Loop, because it uses a hook design, rather than a calliper.


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