Arrow Safety

We’ve all seen them. Damaged arrows.

Especially if you shoot with me, I might be tempted to play a little game of “nocks”.

Photo 2013 09 13 6 35 46 PM

Whether it be wood, aluminum, fibreglass or carbon arrows.  It is extremely dangerous to fire a damaged arrow.

Let’s face it, it’s a really sharp object that is travelling at well over 300 fps.

Firing a damaged arrow could result in serious injury or death.  Not only to the archer, but to anyone in the area.

I’m not going to show any pictures of what might happen as they can be really gruesome, but if you wish to check it out, here’s a link to a forum post that shows some possible injuries.

There are steps that can be taken in order to make sure that your shooting experience stays safe.

Arrows can be damaged by impacting against a hard hard object or against another arrow.

IMG 1736


Photo 2013 09 06 6 33 18 PM

It’s safe to say in the picture above, that I won’t be using that arrow any more.

Check your arrows after each round, for gouges, scratches or impact fractures.

The following points are taken from‘s video presented by Carbon Express.

  • Perform a visual inspect for any marks or dents, if they are any visible signs, discard the arrow.
  • Flex the arrow, if you hear any cracking or popping noises, discard the arrow.
  • Twist the arrow, if you see any cracks, or sounds of cracking or popping, discard the arrow.
  • Using your thumbnail, press into the arrow at various points, if you feel a crack, discard the arrow.
  • If you have any doubts about the condition of the arrow, destroy it and discard.

You know, it’s actually really hard to find images of damaged arrows on the internet. Type in Broken Arrow and you get the movie with Christian Slater and John Travolta.

Type in damaged arrow and you get listings for Arrow the TV show, episode titled Damaged.

Anyways, the video above will show you what to look for.

Another option if you really want to be on the safe side is to order a kevlar covered bow glove.


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