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I finally received my order from Bass Pro Shop of my new Trophy Ridge React Sight for my compound bow.  It only took them almost a week and a half.

I ordered it on a Sunday evening, okay, their warehouse isn’t open Sunday and Monday was Labour Day.  When Tuesday came, my order was still “Processing” and it was the same for most of Wednesday as well.  I finally got notification that it was “shipped” or actually in the words of the Bass Pro Shop website, “Completed”.

I actually didn’t receive it until the following Tuesday.  Anyways, it’s here and I’m aching to have it sighted in.

You can read more about it and installation at the Trophy Ridge website.

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I thought that it would be good time to talk about sighting in your bow.

First we have to see if your grouping is consistent.  If you can’t consistently shoot a group of arrows in the same area, it won’t matter if your bow is sighted in or not.

The first step is to shoot three arrows at a target.  You will need to sight down your peep sight to the top most sight pin on your bow.  Below you will see a diagram I have made, the green ring represents the peep sight.

Peep Alignment

Sight down


Once you have released three arrows, go and see how your grouping is.

Bad Group

The above is obviously showing a bad grouping of arrows.  You will need to work on your grouping.

Good Group

Once your grouping of arrows have improved and is consistent, you may then start sighting in your bow.

Shoot three more arrows towards the target, using your chosen pin for the proper distance.  Most bow hunters will choose their top most pin as the twenty yard pin.  After shooting, go and take a look at where your arrows are landing and make the following adjustments.

The general rule about sighting in, is moving the pin in the to the same direction that you’re arrows are hitting on the target.


Shooting High – Move the pin up


Shooting Low – Move the pin down


Shooting Right – Move the pin to the Right


Shooting Left – Move the pin to the Left

Keep making your adjustments until you come up with your desired target destination.


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