3D Target Archery

A discussion came up this evening with my friend James while we were at the range at That Hunting and Fishing Store.

We talked about scoring for a 3D target, because there was a tournament that was is to be held at Ottawa Archer’s range.

3D Archery is described as shooting at a static three dimensional life size target.

I did some research and found that there are two methods of scoring.  IBO (International Bowhunting Organization) and ASA (Archery Shooters Association).

The scoring is rather similar for both…

3D Target Scoring

In IBO the scoring is as follows:

  • Red – 11 Points
  • Blue – 10 Points
  • White – 8 Points
    • The Yellow and Green are not in play, they will be scored as Blue or White.

In ASA the scoring is as follows:

  • Green – 14 Points
  • Yellow – 12 Points
  • Blue – 10 Points
  • White – 8 Points
    • The Red is not in play and will be scored as Blue.

With both hitting any other ‘coloured’ parts of the deer will be scored as 5 points, these are not considered kill shots.

There are other rules, but the popular ones are as follows:

  • A shooter has 2 minutes to shooter 3 arrows towards the target.
  • An arrow embedded in the hoof/horn or not touching body colour is scored as a miss (0 Points).
  • If multiple scoring areas can been seen, either of them can be used, unless stated at the shooting area.
  • If an arrow makes contact with the line of a higher scoring area, the shooter will be given the higher score.
  • The arrow must stick in order to be scored, with exceptions of a thru and thru, robin hood, or bounce back.
  • A thru and thru can be scored if witnessed and the majority of the shooters agree.  If the majority of the shooting group cannot agree, the shooter may shoot again.
  • In the event of a robin hood, the shooter will receive the same score as the arrow that was robin hooded.
  • A bounce back can be scored, but must be agreed upon by the majority of shooters in the group.  If an agreement cannot be reached in a group, the shooter my shoot again.
  • An arrow that glances off the target is scored as zero.
  • Accidentally dropped or released arrows are scored as zero, if the shooter can retrieve the arrow while they are able to maintain contact with the shooting stake, they can shoot again within their 2 minute shooting window.
  • Un-sportsmanlike conduct such as arrows shot into the ground and any other object, except the target, will be scored as zero and the shooter may be disqualified.

Some etiquette to follow while you are out on a 3D course:

  • Check for course rules or check with the range master.
  • Each shooting station may have multiple shooting stakes which indicate the distance or shooting class.  Check with the range master.
  • If you are the first shooter in the group for the first target, you will be the last on the next target and the second on the first target will become first on the next target.
  • Shooters will only compete against other shooters in the same class, in mixed class groups, the more advance shooter will shoot first as their stake is the furthest away from the target.
  • Bring extra arrows.
  • Don’t hold up other groups looking for lost arrows, move on, you can have a chance to look for them later.

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