Why Archery?

A question has come up many of times.  Why archery?

There are many good reasons.

You can be as cool as Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) or Hawkeye (The Avengers) or Robin of Locksley (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves; Robin Hood: Men in Tights) and yes even Merida of the Clan Dunbroch (Brave).


All kidding aside… here are a few GOOD reasons to take up archery:

  • Social activity; a variety of people enjoy this sport, from child to adult.
  • Is open to all; able bodied and disabled people.  Those that have a severe disability or even blind can also participate using specialize tactile equipment.
  • Physically demanding; a fun sport, it is also physically demanding, it helps increase upper body strength for greater control. It also burns 140 calories per half hour, that’s equal to a 3.5mph brisk walk.
  • Available Indoors and Outdoors; you can shoot at an indoor range during bad weather/winter days (That Hunting and Fishing Store; RA Centre, I’m not providing a link for right now as my anti-virus says their site has a virus); shooting outdoors, gives you a chance to shoot in the fresh air and have a larger variety of distances or 3D targets (Kanata Archery Club, Ottawa Archers, please note that both these clubs require you to have a membership with the Ontario Association of Archers before you can join them, their membership also includes a liability insurance.)
  • Improves focus; not only a physical sport, but trains for mental fitness as well.  Developing focus, flexibility and attention are some of the mental abilities that an archer will train on.
  • Relatively inexpensive; some bow set ups can be quite affordable, a basic recurve bow that is meant to be shot recreationally is easily affordable, however, if you wish to compete, the price of the bows can become really expensive.  Most ranges may allow you to borrow or rent archery equipment. That Hunting and Fishing Store has the option to rent recurve bows with range time.
  • Enjoyment; a recreational archer’s primary goal.  Focus on improving yourself, rather than the person shooting next to you.
  • Importance of safety; let’s not kid ourselves, this is an extremely dangerous sport if treat recklessly.  The lesson of responsibility for others and equipment is something that archery teaches us.
  • Improves self-confidence; don’t worry what the result is at the end of the range, after both physical and mental are combined, it provides satisfaction to the archer from having achieved a personal mental goal.



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