My New Bow

Hi folks, it’s been a while.

Sorry, life got a little busy, a promotion at work and a lay off here and there and I’m busier than a tax auditor in tax season.

Anyways, during Christmas of 2012, I was given some money by various people, so I decided to get a new bow.

I replaced my PSE Rogue with a Hoyt Maxxis 31.

Maxxis 31 Camo large

Hoyt actually lists it as a 2011 model, even though it was available until late 2012.

I do have to say, that although it is not a Hoyt Carbon Element, I am extremely happy with my choice.

I thought about other bows, but eventually, I kept going back to Hoyt. I have seen the torture tests that they put their bows through and are still about to shoot them.

And through my years of archery, I have never seen, although it does happen, a Hoyt limb crack from a dry fire.

The Hoyt Maxxis 31, features the following:

  • Draw Weight ranges: 50-60lbs, 60-70lbs, 70-80lbs.
  • Draw range XTR Cam – 26″-30″ and Z3 Cam – 23.5″-25.5″ in 1-2″ increments
  • Wheel XTR Cam & 1/2 and Z3 Cam
  • Limbs XTS ARC
  • Advanced carbon construction
  • O-Tech Technology
  • Tec-Lite Riser
  • Let-Off: 75%
  • IBO Speed: 323fps
  • Axle to Axle: 31″
  • Brace height: 7″
  • Mass weight: 3.9lbs
  • StealthShot String Suppression System
  • XTS ARC Limbs Technology – 5 Layer Laminated Parallel Split Limbs
  • Parallel Split Limb Technology
  • Pro-Fit Custom Grip
  • Alpha Shox by LimbSaver are strategically placed in the limbs to dampen noise and vibration
  • Pro Lock Pocket – Zero Tolerance Locking Pocket System
  • FUSE Custom Strings and Cables built with high-performance string material

The riser is completely one solid piece and was machined, not cast.

The Maxxis uses the same XTS ARC Limbs as the Carbon Matrix, which features recoil reduction and increased smoothness. They also passed Hoyt’s minimum 1,000 dry-fire test.

I must say that I am completely impressed with the Maxxis.

Unfortunately, since it was a 2011 model that I bought in 2012, the chances of finding one are slim.

It has since been replaced with Hoyt Vector 32.

If you are in the Ottawa area and looking for a bow, I would recommend going to That Hunting and Fishing Store. Go and get fitted for a bow, you don’t have to go Hoyt, although I highly recommend it, but some might balk at the prices.

My friend Simon, got a Mission by Matthew Craze. It was within his price range, but I tell you something weird about this bow. Setting aside that it’s a small bow (When I first looked at it, I thought it was a children’s bow), but after some research, I found that some people prefer a smaller bow when hunting.

196941911 22 A1 MID 051802 m
The Craze sounds like a bow that was made to resale, the Draw Weight can be set from 15 to 70 lbs. I have never heard of that. Usually you can only find bows that can be set within 10 lbs of it’s lowest… Ie: 50-60, or 60-70, etc.

The draw length on the Craze is interesting as well, most bows, you can only set within 2-3 inches, ie. 28-30″. The Craze can be set from 19-30″. This bow bare, is available for about $300US.

Til next time.


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