Carbon Express Maxima Arrows

For the last year or so, I have been shooting with Carbon Express Maxima Bluestreaks with 2″ Blazer fletchings.

MaximaBlueStreak 2010
The Bluestreaks claim to fame is the dual spine weight forward technology, giving it a heavier carbon fibre weight near the front of the arrow.

This in turn makes the arrow more accurate in groupings.

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At twenty yards, I was able to keep a 3 inch group of these arrows together.

Carbon Express just recently release the Maxima Red series.

The Reds are built differently than from the Bluestreaks. The front and the back of the arrow are made of a stiffer carbon fibre, while the middle (the Red Zone) is a little more flexible.

The theory on this is that an arrow will flex when it is released from a bow, however the faster an arrow is able to recover from the flex, the sooner it will start to spin and become more on target with more accuracy when using broad heads.

I haven’t had the opportunity to take pictures after I have released a few of the reds, but I can tell you that my group has gotten even more tighter.

However, the danger in getting a tighter group during practice is that you end up damaging your arrows.

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Therefore, unless I’m hunting zombies…

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IMG 1736

I’m shooting a three spot target…

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A set of 6 Carbon Express Maxima Bluestreaks will cost about $90 USD from Bass Pro Shop, the same for the Carbon Express Reds.


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