Broadheads – Carbon Express F-15 Dual Blade Broadhead

I remember when I first started archery. I wanted to hunt something.

A native friend of mine, Chris, was telling me all about broad head arrow tips.

He preferred a broad head with the blade that started at the tip, instead of a point.

So I jumped on the chance when I found these Carbon Express F-15 broad heads.

There are two versions of the Carbon Express F-15’s.

My personal choice the fixed blade…
Carbonexpress f15 fixedblade broadhead

and the mechanical…

Carbon express f15 expandable dual blade 100gr broadheads

The mechanical version will expand the blades upon impact, giving the arrow more of a flight with a field point.

Fixed blade broad heads will change the flight dynamics of a arrow significantly. If you plan on hunting with broad heads, I suggest sighting in your bow with broad heads before you go out.

Compared to the standard broad heads on the market, the F-15’s have 6 cutting surfaces, creating a wound opening of up to 250% more than standard broad heads.

Screen Shot 2013 09 04 at 8 16 28 PM


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