Replacing My Arrow Rest

Two blogs in one day, huh?

Like I said in my last post, it’s been a while, so I’ve got some catching up to do.

So my new Hoyt Maxxis 31 came with a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit arrow rest.

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To describe it, it’s circular in shape with bristles that will hold the arrow in place, with a wedge of dark bristles to hold the arrow in place. The darker wedge of bristles is stiffer while the light brown is more flexible to allow the arrow’s fletchings to travel through the Whiskey Biscuit.

So actually have commented that this affects the trajectory of the arrow. Some will disagree. Pigman shot three arrows at 100 yards and hit his target with accuracy.

However, I’ve shot quite a few arrows through Whisker Biscuit and have noticed some fraying in the bristles.

The video below shows a slow motion video through a Whisker Biscuit.

Since it was time to change out the Whisker Biscuit, I decided that I would change the rest completely and chose the Trophy Ridge Revolution.

It’s unique design show a full capture rest and upon release the rest will rotate out of the way, letting the fletchings pass through without contact.

I had my friend who dropped in to Bass Pro Shop in Vaughn, On and had him pick one for me.

Installation of the Revolution I thought would be easy. However, I was wrong on that.

Since it employs a cable release on the rest, it needs to be set up at a Pro Shop and the instructions on it have to be followed EXACTLY.

In the instructions, it states to mount the rest to your bow and to center an arrow on the rest, nocked to the string.

To do this, you must nock another arrow on the shelf below the rest, then adjust the rest so that it is parallel to the one on the shelf.

I didn’t realize this, but the arrow in the Revolution rest MUST BE in the fully cocked position and not sitting in it. Not just locked and resting.

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Locked and Loaded, but not fully cocked.

Fully cocked.

Once that is completed you need to place an arrow beside the arrow in the rest and adjust so that it is parallel to that as well.

Once your arrow is centred, you’re going to need to bring it to a pro shop, unless you have a bow press at home.

Once in the bow press, you need to set the ripcord string through the bus cable of the bow and put about 1 inch of serving about 4 inches below the shelf.

Once that is completed, draw your bow and the ripcord will pull through the bus cable. Slowly release the bow and set it down.

Pull the ripcord cable through about 1/4″ of an inch, cut and using a lighter, mushroom a ball at the end. When you draw your bow again, it will set itself against the serving and the ripcord cable should be really tight. If it isn’t, then you haven’t done it properly. The ripcord needs to be tight in order to release the rest.

It it doesn’t, you can either expect some arrow/fletching damage.

ImageUploadedByTapatalk1374832903 422670
You can tell on the lower/forward part of the rest where my fletchings were catching the sides of the rest. I had to readjust the rest and re-center the arrow. This was all that was needed.

End result… a nice 3 inch grouping….

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