PSE Vibracheck Backstop

Today, I decided to add a Vibracheck Backstop string stop to my PSE Rogue compound bow.

What this is supposed to do is to dampen the release of the bow string on a compound bow, reducing noise and shock to your bow hand.

Most bow hunters will have this removed from their bows as they believe that it will reduce the effective speed of the arrow. Some will actually want it, as it reduces the noise.

Now, lets get one thing straight, this will only ‘reduce’ the noise, not eliminate it, as some sites will claim.

String stops are available in many formats, but I have gone with the one that is sold on the PSE Archery website, as my bow is from PSE.

At first when I installed the back stop, I thought “Aww crap, it’s too short…” as there was about an eighth of an inch between the bow string and the rubber stop on the back stop. But then I realized that there were another set of set screw holes on the other side of the extension shaft. After rotating the shaft and re-aligning the set screw holes, it made contact with the straight. Make sure that you don’t have it pushing on your bow string. This is bad as the string will not release the full length that is is supposed to.

After letting off a few arrows, I started noticing some rattling. I checked the quiver on my bow. Some times, the knob screws will loosen off, but they can be tightened by hand. I finally checked the Backstop, the set screws had loosened. I retightened the set screws, but after a few more arrows, I found that they had loosened again. I think that I’m going to have to use Loctite blue on these set screws.

After retightening, I let off a few arrows.

Certaining, the vibration has been reduced. I felt less shock in my hand when I released the string and the sound was significant reduced.

However, I found that my arrows, although still in a decent grouping, was off a bit. One of of three arrows would miss the intended target.

I don’t know if I was just having a bad shooting day (possible as I am quite tired) or if the Backstop changed my shooting drastically enough, that I couldn’t hit a bullseye, intentionally.

I will have to try again next week.

While I was packing up my bow, I noticed three other things:
– The cables were rubbing up on the right side of the rubber portion of the Backstop.
– I need to replace the Cable Guide Slide soon
– I’m going to need to put some string serving (monofilament wrap around the bow string, at the area that makes contact with the backstop to reduce wear and tear on the bow string.) needs to be added.

I have tried to call PSE Customer/Technical support, however, getting someone on the phone is like pulling teeth.

Until next time folks.



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