New/Old Hobby

I’ve take up an old hobby of mine from all the way back in highschool.

It’s been a long time, but I’ve started up archery again. Previously, I used to have a PSE Polaris Express, now I have a PSE Rogue NP.

I tell ya, it’s been a long time since I last did some archery. As time goes on, I’ll discuss my archery as time goes on.

First off, I am not a pro like Erika Anear. She’s an Olympic archer. A hot looking archer though… 🙂

Secondly, for anyone that’s thinking of taking this sport up, I’ll tell you this, it’s not a cheap sport. At times, it could be inexpensive, but you want the good stuff, you’ll be spending out hundreds to thousands.

Take for instance, the bow that I want currently, is the Hoyt Carbon Matrix.

But that’s $1200 bow, bare bones, no sights, no arrows, just bow.

But lets talk about the two basic bows. Recurve and Compound. A recurve bow is a tradition bow, when the bow doesn’t have a string on it, it’s relaxed state looks like an elongated C. Pull back the ends of the bow backward and attach the string. This is where the bow gets it power. I shoot with a compound bow with can be basically described at a bow with wheels or cams on it. The wheels/cams in combination with the limbs of the bow give it it’s power. There are other types of bows, but they are not as popular.


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