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Hey folks. My first blog in a while and it’s being written on an Apple iPad using the Wordpess App! Woot!

I thought about it long and hard on what I should write my next blog about.

Hopefully, I don’t lose you guys here. But I thought I would write something up on iPhone photography.

That’s right, I said it. Photography with your iOS device.

BTW, Rogers has a new thing now, that they will do early upgrades, but at a cost. For me, as I’m 14 months into my current contract, and they require 30 months for regular hardware eligibility, I would have to pay an extra $240 on top of the cost of the iPhone 4s, plus a $30 administration fee, in order to receive an iPhone 4s. So for the 16 gig, I would have to shell out about… $479. Not likely going to happen any time soon.

First off, why use an iPhone for photography. Why not? The new iPhone 4s has an 8 megapixel camera built into and has the update iOS5 which includes a bunch of features, like on phone editing of pictures.

There are actually a few books out on the market that deal with just iPhone photography. Check out The Art of iPhoneography: A Guide to Mobile Creativity by Stephanie Roberts.

Why should I switch from my Blackberry to an iPhone. Well, it just seems the way everything is going. More and more products seem to be made for an iOS product.

However, from what I can tell, there are lot more people than just me that is unhappy with Rogers’ move from the 18 to 24 to 30 month hardware upgrade eligibility. What about those that took a 2 year contract? Do they have to wait another 6 months? Even though they probably paid the higher price for their current phone for the 2 year contract.

Well, nothing much to do now except to wait….


3 thoughts on “iPhone 4s

  1. it is better to buy an unlocked iphone 4s from the open market and get a plan with a carrier that suits you, anyways one shud go for android based phones particularly samsung as they r cheap and better, apple is just fooling arnd with crazy people in our country, many of my friends who were waiting for iphone4s have bought galaxy SII or galaxy note, tooooooo high a price for a phone

  2. I see nothing wrong with shooting with iphone 4s.
    Remember… Equipment isnt as important as most of us think. I have captured great images on my iphone that i could never have made with my dslr…. Why… Because all the gear i could get out was the iphone… And taking the shot is the most important thing of all.

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