Stupid %#$%! Camera Strap!

Hi folks,

Been a while.  Sorry, I have been really busy as of late.

Ok… I gotta say it… everyone else is… May the Fourth be with you…  Ok, now that I got the geek out of me for now….

Thought I would share something with you.  Years ago, when I first got into photography, the one thing that was really annoying was the camera strap.  It wasn’t a problem with the strap comfort or anything.

It was the stupid part that threads through the strap rings.  The way that most manufacturers instruct you to attach the strap, leave the end dangling.  This resulted in a poked eye.  Several times when shooting sideways.  Also, it looks pretty messy.


Then doing a couple of searches on the internet and recommendations from some other photographers.  I have found a way to attach your camera strap in a way that makes it very neat.

First, you’re going to need to take the camera strap apart, if you already have it on your camera.

Thread the strap through the slide and the strap retainer.


Then thread the end of the strap through the strap ring, through the strap retainer and then into the top of the slide.


Now thread it through the bottom hole of the slide.


Pinch the ‘three’ layered strap portion and pull the strap retainer over them.  Then you are done.  See how neat it looks and it won’t poke you in the eye now.


If you can’t tell from the pictures above, I have drawn an image showing the path of the strap.


Hope this helps some of you out.


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