Sorry for another rant, but I have to speak…

Just wanted to let some of you know about the convo that I had with Rogers Customer Relations department.

To start, I’ll have to tell you about the recent past.

When the iPhone3G came out, I was 3 months into my new contract, I was bummed out, since at the time, I would’ve liked to have an iPhone, but was told I wasn’t able to upgrade.

Quietly, less than 2 weeks after the launch of the iPhone3G, the newspapers released an article saying that Rogers was allowing some that was 3 months max into their contract to get an iPhone3G. I went immediately to the Roger’s Plus store, only to find out that ALL the iPhones in the city had been sold out. You know, this really pisses me off. But I lived with it. I had my Blackberry 8900 and I started enjoying it more and more.

I especially enjoying talking with my friends in South Carolina and Georgia over Blackberry Messenger, at no extra charge. $0.75 per text for long distance texting, if I had gotten the iPhone.

Recently, my 8900 took an unfortunately ‘dive’ into the Ottawa River. Suffice it to say, even if I could retrieve it, it’s most likely dead now.

I called Rogers about their Handset Protection Guarantee. The girl, being very friendly, I should’ve gotten her name. Most friendly person that I have ever talked to on the Roger’s Customer service call centre.

She offered me a free replacement of a Blackberry Pearl. Well, after having a 8900, I really didn’t want a Pearl. She then offered me a BB9100 for $249.99, well, the 9100 is still a Pearl, just an updated Pearl.

She took a look at my HUD eligibility. She saw that I only had 5 months to go until I was eligible. So she said because I’ve been a long standing customer of Rogers (1991), they would let me upgrade early to a 9700 for $99.00

When I was talking to her, it was only 12 days til the launch of the 9800. She did say that was my option, however, I do still have to go in store to pick it up since that is the only way to do a HUD and that I would have to purchase another SIM card.

So I went to get a SIM card anyways, since I have an old Blackberry 8130 that would hold me over until launch date. Well, the girl at Carlingwood Shopping Centre sold me the SIM card, but refused to activate it, because their system showed that the account was under my english name and that it didn’t match my ID.

She went on to tell me to call customer service to have them activate it. Which is what I did.
They did see that my name was different on the system. But the person I was talking to was Roger’s Blackberry Tech support, he activate my SIM got me going on the older BB. And transferred me to customer service to have my name changed.

I spoke with another girl, who I explained the whole situation to, about losing my 8900 and was hoping to upgrade to an 9800 early, etc. etc.

‘She’ told me that I would have to talk to Customer Relations. So she transferred me there.

Now, the next guy I was talking to, he said that only Customer Relations was the only people that could allow an early upgrade and that they would have no problems upgrading me to the 9700 for $99.00 as spoken to before. But when I mentioned the 9800, we got into this small tiff about how the 9800 ‘might’ not be available available about a Customer Relations upgrade and that I could not go into the store to pick up the upgrade, because Customer Relations would have to ship it out, even if it ‘is’ available on launch date. He said that there were no guarantees.

Oh c’mon! I was told by one person that I could go into the store to pick it up on launch date and then by someone else that I can’t?!?

After a bit of bickering back and forth (the guy still being friendly), he asked that if he could be ‘blunt’… And to give Customer Relations a call back (on the 27th) to see if it is available for them to upgrade me to. My response was “So, you want me to call back, 3 days after the launch, when it could be possibly sold out? Like the iPhone3G?”

He responded by saying “Or you can call back on the launch date, but we might not have anymore information than we do now…”

What can I do? ‘Settle’ for the 9700? Continue on for the next 5 months with this 8130 (which doesn’t have wifi, btw, and can’t upgrade to the OS5, so apps are just crap, compared to my 8900) until I can properly upgrade?

With that ’sorta’ behind us, he wanted to make sure that everything was still in order. The name change. Well, they still screwed that up as well (even though I just talked to the girl about 15 mins earlier). They missed spelled my name and there was 4 other names attached to my account. All of them a different variation of my legal name and my english name.

He did apologize and looked into my account to see there if there was something that could be done. Again, since I’ve been a long standing customer and that BELL has been calling me with offers to entice me to move to them, I’m pretty much extended on any discounts that I can get. He did work something out for me, but I’m not at liberty to mention this out in public.

But I’m still a little miffed about the ‘possibility’ or the ‘impossibility’ of me upgrading to a 9800. I was so psyched about going in to the store on launch day to pick up one.

Now, I’m sorta dreading the call back to Customer Relations, because of a fear that it won’t be available as a Customer Relations upgrade.

I don’t blame the people, they’re just doing their jobs.  But I sorta feel that they could’ve done more in this case, getting my hopes up and all.

So, this is how long standing customers are treated?


6 thoughts on “Sorry for another rant, but I have to speak…

  1. Hi!

    I am Elise, I work with Rogers social media team. Although our team does not replace existing lines of help like customer care or technical support, we are trying to help make it easier for our customers do business with us. We answer questions of customers who are reaching out to @RogersHelps on Twitter and also helping where we can on blogs, forums, and other social media platforms.

    I read your blog post and see that it must have been a frustrating experience. I’d like to help by looking into this situation. I will contact you via Twitter on your profile @zephyr064 to exchange with you privately. I am @RogersElise on Twitter, should you want to follow me right away so that we can DM. If you’d prefer another means of communication, please let me know.

    I will be in touch soon so that we can sort out this situation.


    • Hello Elise,

      I’m glad that someone is reading this and that is sorta concerned.

      I do have a question, how did you get my Twitter account name? It’s not published anywhere on my blog, nor is it published in my WordPress profile.

      I’m not sure if there is anything that you can do for me in my situation.

      The only thing that I can see if it’s not available to those that want an early upgrade, is settling for something I don’t want, be unhappy for 5 months, either case, both will include being unhappy with Rogers for either 5 months or 2 years.

      I do see that a moderator has definitely decided not to approve my comment that would inform others of whether or not they can do an early upgrade, on the Redboard.

      BTW, the person at Customer Relations, either doesn’t know about the Rogers Redboard or refuses to acknowledge that it’s a Rogers Official site.

  2. I say come over to Bell, join the Dark Side >:). Otherwise, it is a pain to be bounced around like that. I know when I did tech support we had to put notes on all our files stating what we did, what we said etc. Does Rogers not do this? Do the support people not read the notes?

    If you can get a Torch, do it. Partly I want to know if it is worth it in a few months when its time for me to upgrade.

  3. Hi.

    As I mentioned over our DMs on Twitter, you mention in your bio on your blog your are Nikon-Guy or Zephyr064… So I tried my luck with Twitter search and found you!


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