Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Good evening all,

Today, I went to visit my friends Bruce, Jennifer and her son Cameron (who is also my godson).

We had planned on going to Thistle Springs Trout Farm & Camp Grounds to do some fishing.  It’s just outside of Ashton, ON, off Copeland Rd. (RR2)  The Garmin In-Car GPS says that it’s actually in the township of Goulbourn, ON.  Well, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

CaptureThe red circle shows the small pond like steel barrels we fished at.

They charge by the measurement of the fish (inches) plus $5.00 per person admission.

There were actual ponds that you can actually fish at, but there was a mixture of fish there (to let you know, you must pay for all fish that is caught, no catch and release).

However, Jen, Cameron and my wife Christine decided that they want to eat tonight, so they decided that they want go fish at these 10’ wide steel enclosed barrel type ponds.  Both were full of Arctic Char and Rainbow Trout.

They had a few rods that were loaned out, however, they only had a few left, but one of us was stuck with a pink Barbie fishing rod, NOT ME.  🙂 Corn was given to us as bait to be used, worms and shrimp were available for purchase as an incentive bait.  Now it is to be noted last time Jen couldn’t catch a fish in any of these or what the operators called the “Magic Pond” (which any one can supposedly catch a fish without even trying).  Within minutes, Jen caught the first Arctic Char.

I caught the next Arctic Char, then Jen’s friend caught an Arctic Char as well, with the Barbie pink rod.  Cameron this time, almost caught a nice big one, but unfortunately, his line broke and lost it.  Poor little guy, well we definitely are not leaving without him catching one.

39189_457672645445_601195445_6798575_3025224_n[1]Cameron caught a Rainbow Trout, he said that it bite him as he was trying to remove the hook from it’s mouth. That’s okay, you’ll get to bite him back. LOL

Final tally, Jen, 3, Jen’s friend, 3, Cameron, 1, Christine (my wife), 1, and myself, 3.  Giving us a total of 11 fish.  However, when all the fish were counted out from the buckets, there were only 8 fish in total.  WTF?!? Where’d the other three go to?

We have no clue where they could’ve gotten to?  I did notice a couple of times that an Arctic Char did jump out of the bucket and was trying to make a break for it.  But for 3 fish to disappear completely?

Cameron later noticed that one of the dogs that was hanging around did have a fish in it’s mouth.  So, we can assume what had happened.

Now, I don’t know why, yeah, I’m not much of a fisherman.  I really hate touching fish, they’re so freakin’ slimy.  But, I was with a bunch of girls that even refused to put a worm on the hooks.  I didn’t have much of a choice, I got the job of removing the hooks from these slimy devils.  Damn they were slimy… ugh.

Usually, I’m opposed to fishing at a fish farm, because it sorta takes the sport out of it and it’s not really as satisfying a making a good catch, but it’s great to bring kids to.  Especially since it will boost their moral at being able to hook a fish and not walk away empty handed.  Even though this is a false sense for moral, because when you do take them out on a real fishing trip, they may get pissed off that they didn’t catch a thing and may not want to fish again.

Thinking back, this is probably the reason why I didn’t go fishing with my father.


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